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Maximise business value
with the OVHcloud Partner Program

We bring our partners success with an alternative cloud that gives you the right control, let's you plan, save time and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Our cloud is SMART, because this is essential for you.

A SMART cloud approach to partnership

OVH Partners SMART Simple


Our solutions are easy and quick to set up, enabling every user to make more effective use of their time. Security, maintenance and updates are all supported by OVHcloud.

Answer customer needs faster, freeing yourself to focus on your core business!

OVH Partners SMART Multi-local


Our cloud adapts to our partners' needs wherever they are based and guarantees complete respect for data protection and local legislation.

Choose your datacentre and maintain complete control of your data at all times. Trust the alternative, European cloud leader. Let’s differentiate!

OVH Partners SMART accessible


Our pricing is clear and predictable, with no surprises for partners or customers when they receive an invoice.

Create your own added value, predict your costs and improve your profit margins!

OVH Partners SMART reversible


Our technology is robust and reliable and our customers are never locked in to our cloud.

We strive for interoperability, so you can offer your customers more flexibility and deliver cutting-edge hybrid solutions.

OVH Partners SMART transparent


We are dedicated to building and maintaining trust with our customers and we prioritise the security of all our customers and partners' services.

At OVH, your infrastructure is managed and monitored 24/7. Build trust with your customers!

Ready to go ?

Join an alternative and a trusted cloud provider.

How we contribute to our partners' success

OVHcloud provides the right price, tools and technology to help our partners differentiate their solutions and practices. 

Two levels of partnership

Step 1: Get started with OVHcloud

Establish a partnership with OVHcloud, improve your knowledge of our products and support levels, and increase new customer acquisition through:

•     A non-exclusive partnership contract, for increased freedom
•     A specific onboarding process
•     Your logo displayed in our "Partner Locator"
•     Our dedicated Partner Program newsletter
•     Free access to our OVHcloud partner webinars  
•     Access to our full range of sales and technical literature

Step 2: Increase revenue with OVHcloud

The OVHcloud Advanced Partner Program guarantees stronger mutual commitment, enabling you to provide ongoing customer value: 

•     Access to the entire catalogue of the OVHcloud Partner Academy
•     Privileged access to our Premium Support for advanced partners
•     An improved and more visible position in our Partner Locator
•     Round-table meetings, to share our roadmaps and listen to your feedback
•     A designated Account Manager for the most promising Advanced partners
•     The ability to plan co-branded events, plus invitations to our annual OVH Summit and opportunities to offer vouchers to your prospects and customers

OVHcloud Partner Academy

OVHcloud Partner Academy

Because it is important for entrepreneurs to be able to do business in total freedom they are calling for a cloud that allows everyone to create, innovate and succeed. The OVHcloud Partner Academy was created with this in mind.
Discover all our products and solutions, gain autonomy, build the right infrastructure and create your own added value. All our Advanced partners have access to both levels of the OVHcloud Partner Academy, for all of our solutions.

As you progress through the partnership levels you will gain new skills to increase your credibility and build trust with your customers. Our Advanced partners are also promoted in the OVHcloud Partner Locator, for increased visibility.

Discovery level

To enable salespeople to sell OVH solutions more efficiently and to help pre-sales and support teams gain a deeper understanding of products and how to manage them

•     On site training (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, Canada) or via WebEx
•     Multiple languages available
•     Around 3 hours per session

Expert level

To help developers and engineers to develop and build reliable IT infrastructures

•     On site training (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, Canada)
•     3 hours max per session

OVH Premium Support for Advanced partners

OVH Premium Support for Advanced partners

Because your customers trust you, you must be able to trust us when you need help. That’s why we created a dedicated support level, to help you maximise your efficiency and achieve your business goals.
As an advanced partner, you are responsible for the first level of diagnosis, to resolve issues for your customers. When you call us, it’s therefore always treated as urgent and sensitive. With Premium Support for advanced partners, you have access to a dedicated phone number and we respond to your specific needs. Your calls will always be prioritised, so we will begin solving the problem straight away. We also offer you dedicated onboarding, and a yearly review of our mutual goals and performance. 


Rely on our competitive and clear pricing

OVH Partner : Rely on our prices accessible to all

OVH solutions cost a fraction of the price of similar products on the market. This is largely because we have complete ownership of our supply chain including deploying our network and designing and building our servers and datacentres. What's more, with customers turning away from confusing pricing structures and lock-in contracts, we also pride ourselves on our clear and predictable pricing. 

These two clear advantages give you more room to manoeuvre so you can offer our solutions plus your own added-value services and easily differentiate yourself from the competition! 

OVHcloud Partner Locator (coming soon)

OVHcloud Partner Locator

Gain visibility and acquire new customers through our new OVHcloud Partner Locator, where all our partners are listed. 
Potential customers will come across you easily in the Locator when filtering by geographic location and desired skills. They will also be able to contact you directly. If you are featured in the Partner Locator our sales teams and support agents will also recommend you to OVH customers. 


Ready to go ?

Join an alternative and a trusted cloud provider.