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EdTech is booming. RIADVICE is an official BigBlueButton commercial support provider, as well as a software engineering, digital transformation actor, and DevOps partner. BigBlueButton enables complete collaboration, and one of the most compelling features of BigBlueButton is its numerous training benefits, which enable audiences to actively learn.

About us

RIADVICE is a commercial support provider for BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton is the first open-source web-conferencing platform that enables any student to participate in high-quality online learning using only a web browser.

BigBlueButton is a distance learning and online education platform that has grown in popularity in the two years since the pandemic began.
RIADVICE also digitises business processes through the use of custom software applications.
We provide end-to-end agile software engineering services, including prototyping, software architecture and design, UI/UX, and quality assurance, all while adhering to Agile principles.

We discuss your project with you, brainstorm your ideas that require the fresh and innovative touch of our team, and this is where our expertise and efficiency in updating existing systems comes in handy. We use the latest technologies to extend the life of your system. Because of our breadth of experience and expertise in a variety of fields, we are able to design a wide range of business enterprise solutions.

RIADVICE also offers DevOps services that span the entire technology life cycle and can be applied to a wide range of applications ranging from small-scale digital systems to large-scale business products. They assist businesses in transitioning to a continuous deployment model.

We help businesses identify the benefits of technological advancements that drive continuous deployment and assist them in setting up and running the resources required to support continuous deployment and DevOps. RIADVICE is one of Tunisia’s leading software outsourcing providers and a long-standing contributor to many open-source projects.

We offer a broad range of cutting-edge technological solutions to our customers and are proud of our software developers' extensive experience and skills.
Since its founding in 2013, RIADVICE has encountered numerous challenging projects, and our team has been able to satisfy even the most demanding customers in the telecommunications, education, scientific analysis, and medical care industries, establishing us as a dependable and recognised offshore software development company. We at RIADVICE understand that in order to provide you with high-quality I.T solutions that evolve with your company, we must first understand your business. By utilising the capabilities of various technologies and seamlessly integrating them, we can provide customised software solutions on any scale.

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