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That Hosting Company

Canadian-Centric Website Hosting, Cloud Collaboration, domains and more

About us

That Hosting Company originally began as a small part-time website design firm in 1996 called “Shadowed Web Solutions”. We provided low-cost website design solutions to customers across the Greater Toronto Area and noted that we were spending a lot of time trying to locate services for our customers for affordable web site hosting. We noted a lot of local hosting service offerings claiming to be website hosting companies, but actually turning out to be resellers for companies out of the United States.

We only performed work at Shadowed Web Solutions as a part-time, hobby style of business on a referral basis only. Slowly the requests for website design began to disappear as more and more people began to offer this service. At the same time, we noted that the offerings for actual website hosting service began to dwindle. We were doing our best to locate services for customer that were requesting Canadian-based Hosting Services for our customers and in the process noting that the reseller industry was becoming larger as the actual hosting companies were disappearing by either going out of business or being sold to providers in the United States.

In early 2013, we began to switch over out website design services to more of a website hosting provider. We purchased a small server and set it up in a Markham, Ontario Data Center with our core of 12 clients. We assisted them in setting up all the services with them and importing all the files and databases to make sure everything was running correctly. Though our partnerships with Tucows, we were able to offer Domain Registrations and SSL Certificates. Since 2013 we have upgraded our servers to provide additional services to our customers and maintained the softwares to ensure that everything is up to date. It is at this time that we made the change to “That Hosting Company”

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