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Ur-Sltn LTD
Advanced OVH partner

Niche Managed Services for Private Clients. We dont advertise, our work is our advertising. We specialise in providing Sysadmin and Devops expertise.

About us

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are recommended for growing companies. They are ideal for low-medium traffic retail websites.
VPS servers operate on very powerful servers and you rent dedicated resources that are assigned specifically to yourself i.e. the amount of RAM used or number of CPU’s available to your server.
We offer fully managed VPS hosting so you don’t have to worry about all setting up the server and security updates to the operating system of your choice, however you could be responsible for keeping your website up to date.
If you are currently getting large volumes of traffic to your websites, you may be better off with one of our Dedicated Servers or for much smaller sites and volumes just sign up to the Shared Services.
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United Kingdom Poland Australia Iceland Liechtenstein New Zealand Mauritius
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Managed Service Provider
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kubernetes business continuity cloud migration cloud security high availability server management server virtualization Web hosting Domains Multi-sites E-commerce CMS (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla) Web applications development SSL Cloud Collaboration Tools, Office 365, Documentary Sharing Webiste (Creation,Web Design, Graphic design) Mail, mail protection Web services integration Referencing (SEO, SEA, Manual referencing) Supervision
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Hybrid and multicloud cloud Data center expansion and migration Storage of large volumes of data Website creation and hosting
Public Cloud
Hosted Private Cloud
Dedicated server
Orchestration (Kubernetes)
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Domain name E-mail & Microsoft solutions Web hosting / WordPress