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Advanced OVH partner

We describe ourselves as a company specialized in providing Innovation and Development (R&D) services for organizations in Latin America, covering the field of advanced business management with information technologies.

About us

Vauxoo is a Latin American company of support services, coaching, training, development and implementation that bases its operational strategy on the massification of open source software.

We have the best solution in business management: Odoo. We are experts in software development, implementation and consultancy, which allows us to meet the needs of your business. We use the best ERP/CRM, adapted to the requirements of the country you’re located in, complete with integrated electronic invoicing!

With 10 years of experience, we are one of Odoo's best partners , as Gold Partner since 2012 and two consecutive "Best Partner in Latin America" awards, Vauxoo has facilitated more than 150 implementations, has an annual customer retention rate 99%, and has trained more than 500 people in Odoo around the world.

Geographic coverage
Canada United states Panama
Partner Keywords
business continuity high availability infrastructure management open source orchestration server management server virtualization Digital marketing E-commerce Web services integration
Partner Need
Data center expansion and migration Storage of large volumes of data Corporate messaging and collaboration tools Website creation and hosting
Hosted Private Cloud
Dedicated server
Orchestration (Kubernetes)
Big data
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Domain name Web hosting / WordPress Connectivity (xDSL, FTTH, OTB) & SMS VoIP