OVH Partners Program Overview OVHcloud

A Partner Program based on our cloud

We designed this program to bring our partners and their customers exactly what they expect: an alternative cloud that allows you to keep the right kind of control, avoid unpleasant surprises and save time and money. 

The OVH Partner Program reflects our commitment to a SMART cloud. Simple. Multi-local. Accessible. Reversible and Transparent.

Why become an OVH partner?

Become an OVH Partner

There are two levels of partnership:

Our Partner Program helps you get started with OVHcloud and improve your knowledge of our products and support levels in order to increase new customer acquisition. You enjoy a non-exclusive partnership contract, a specific onboarding process, free access to our partner webinars and our full range of sales and technical literature.

Our Advanced Partner Program is about enabling you to take full advantage of OVHcloud to increase your revenue. We guarantee a stronger mutual commitment and concrete benefits that help you deliver ongoing customer value, including: 

  • An account manager with solution expertise. 
  • Premium Support.
  • OVHcloud Partner Academy’s full catalogue.

Both programmes offer an easy way to boost your business performance and value. Partnering with a pure IaaS player with a strong market position empowers you to increase revenue through costs savings and next-level solutions.  

Become an OVH partner

Why work with an OVH partner?


All OVH partners are selected based on their specific skills and potential to bring added value. Our advanced partners undertake dedicated training courses provided by our experts, to ensure that they are fully equipped to help businesses take advantage of our solutions and services. 

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