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Top-Secured is a team of professionals very experienced in the field of servers and IT infrastructures with fault-tolerant, high performances, high-security.

Our services cover all aspects of dedicated or Cloud servers management, monitoring, system management, performance, security, backups, return to production after a crash.

About us

Top-Secured is a team of professionals very experienced in the field of servers and IT infrastructures with fault-tolerant, high performances, high-security.

We draw our experience from our decades of advice and responsibilities, with large international groups, the largest European banks, French administrations, very demanding international clients, and we put all these skills at the service of small and medium-sized companies whose activity depends heavily on their IT.

We offer services:
• outsourcing of servers and infrastructures management,
• return to service following a breakdown or crash,
• anti-piracy security,
• advice for new projects,
• installation of servers and complex infrastructures, fault-tolerant, high performances, high-security.

We deliver our services according to several axioms:
• priority to production, a broken server must be put back into service as soon as possible, whatever the cost.
• in outsourcing management, your server becomes our server, and our servers must operate 24x365, no exceptions.
• we believe in prevention, and we have developed hundreds of checkpoints for elements of our clients' infrastructure, at the material and application level, to identify trends and anticipate foreseeable problems as much as possible, and thus avoid them occur. Thus, our failure rate is extremely low,
• like all professionals, we know that more than 95% of failures are due to human error, which is why we offer production safety protocols, to minimize dangerous actions, especially for developers and Web- Agencies.
• but we also know that a problem can occur, in particular on the hardware, so we are very picky about the backups, which we copy onto secured servers, and we have tools that check every day that the backups have been carried out.
• We are associates, not employees, so we are very involved in the satisfaction of our customers. The answers "I will finish my day in 20 minutes" or "it is not in my scope" do not exist with us. We are available, we find and offer solutions.

We are proud to see that our customers renew their trust in us year after year.

Call us on : +33 1 8362 7705 Visit our website: /?lang=en

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