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Unihost Inc
Advanced OVH partner

Unihost started up in 2013.
Our mission: We provide the remote computing resources and remove technical barriers to businesses in today's marketplace. We try to provide the most optimized product for the needs of each client, providing product management with convenient billing.
Our vision: The creation of a powerful platform that can launch even the most daring IT projects is a worthy goal.

About us

Unihost started up in 2013, and since then we have never stopped developing for a minute, finding new opportunities for our clients.
Are you just starting your web project and still thinking about choosing a hosting provider or have you already posted your project and still suffering from permanent server failures? UNIHOST will solve all your problems with this! Excellent 24/7 multi-language support that will not leave you alone with your problems, 99% of server uptime, free transfer of your project to our server (in multiple locations), constant and reliable protection against DDoS attacks, convenient and easy project management using the Plesk (or one of many others) control panels we provide, favorable prices and the ability to pay for the service in many non-standard ways. If you still have questions or you have already decided to order a server right now - write in a chat on our website and get an answer within 30 seconds!
The high reputation of the company is built not by the PR-managers department, but organically formed on the basis of the opinion of an ordinary client.
We are always open to any questions, wishes and suggestions.

Geographic coverage
France Spain Italy Portugal Germany United Kingdom Austria Belgium Switzerland Netherlands Canada Poland Brazil United states Australia India Singapore Denmark Hong Kong Liechtenstein Norway Sweden Egypt Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Jordan Russian Federation
Partner Keywords
business continuity cloud migration high availability hybrid cloud infrastructure management object storage server management server virtualization vmware vsphere Telephony, IP Telephony, VOIP Voice server
Partner Need
Hybrid and multicloud cloud Activity retake Data center expansion and migration Storage of large volumes of data Big data, artificial intelligence, grid computing Virtual offices Website creation and hosting Internet access, telephony, SMS
Dedicated server
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Web hosting / WordPress