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Advanced OVH partner

Transparent Edge Services drives the development of companies from the technology area.

About us

In a world defined by the Internet, every business project has a technological base. Transparent Edge Services drives the development of companies from this area, helping them align technology with business objectives.

We are present throughout the entire technological value chain: from hosting to content delivery,
cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure management.

We work on the edge computing paradigm, which brings computing closer to where data are generated and used, improving technological processes.

We compete in a world dominated by large technology companies, adapting to each client. We work
hand in hand, analyzing their needs and designing our projects ad hoc. Our European DNA is a
commitment to shaping the EU technology sector as a global leader.

Geographic coverage
Spain Italy Portugal Austria Belgium Switzerland
Partner Business
Consulting company Systems Integrator
Partner Keywords
kubernetes business continuity capacity planning cloud migration cloud security hadoop high availability hybrid cloud infrastructure management object storage object storage s3 open source openstack orchestration outsourcing vmware nsx vmware vsphere
Partner Need
Hybrid and multicloud cloud Activity retake Data center expansion and migration Storage of large volumes of data Big data, artificial intelligence, grid computing Virtual offices Corporate messaging and collaboration tools Website creation and hosting Internet access, telephony, SMS
Hosted Private Cloud
Dedicated server
Orchestration (Kubernetes)
Virtual Private Server (VPS)