Txture Cloud Transformation: Make your journey to the cloud a success.

By automating assessment and 6R decisions,
comparing target cloud architectures, and simplifying the scheduling for migration waves,
Txture will support you throughout your cloud transformation.

What is Txture?

Txture is a cloud transformation software platform. Its purpose is to analyse the portfolio of applications, and determine their compatibility with the cloud. This analysis accounts for factors such as business, security, compliance and infrastructure requirements to recommend suitable cloud solution architectures.

Txture software products support system integrators, cloud providers and cloud centres of excellence as part of their customers’ cloud transformation initiatives.

They are able to leverage in-depth knowledge of cloud services in order to make the decisions needed for a successful cloud migration.

Txture offers a wide range of application modernisation scenarios, including on-premises migrations, containerisation, and both public and private cloud migrations.


Cloud Services Knowledge Base

The platform contains more than 300,000 services from leading cloud providers, with their prices, versions, locations and certifications. It also includes an alternative map for on-premises and legacy technologies. This way, you can select the technology that best suits your cloud migration strategy while saving both time and money, and reducing risk.

Understanding the market


A comprehensive catalogue of cloud services

Cloud providers are constantly improving their services and options. This is why Cloud Insider provides an up-to-date catalogue of all available cloud services. With a global overview of solutions offered by cloud providers, your teams can always stay one step ahead of the competition.


Cloud market outlook and service comparison

Cloud Insider offers an overview of the latest cloud trends, and a detailed analysis of the different cloud service options. By learning about market developments, you can stay responsive and use that information to strengthen your competitive advantage.


An efficient solution and preparation for offerings

Stay within the budget for your cloud strategy. With Txture’s automated classification calculation, scheduling is made easy — and you can also justify your decision-making to stakeholders. In addition to this, you can compare alternatives offered by different cloud providers or different technological layers, to choose the most cost-effective solutions.

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